Merry Christmas! Love, Anchour.

This year, this is what Christmas looks like at Anchour:

  • Everyone has a slightly glazed-over look in their eyes that we only ever get when deadlines are looming
  • There’s a Santa hat and a cape made out of Christmas lights on our Office Bear
  • Amanda painted another gorgeous design on our windows and if we’re lucky we won’t have to wash it off EVER
  • All the guys have broken out their oddly identical gray peacoats
  • Half of us are desperately trying to figure out who has who for Secret Santa; the other half are just clueless about what to buy for Secret Santa

On a serious note - we’ve had a whirlwind year, nearly doubling our staff in the last six months. We’ve gained some amazing new clients and done some incredibly rewarding projects. We’ve pushed ourselves, worked the weirdest hours, demanded the best from each other, and made significant personal sacrifices to ensure that Anchour is the best it can be.

We have laughed a lot. We’ve played hours of Think Tank Hackey-Sack, consumed more than our combined body weights in coffee, and held an abnormal number of impromptu Justin Bieber karaoke sessions. In short - we’ve loved our jobs to death and we’re so very thankful for it.

In 2016, we’re aiming to accomplish even bigger things. We genuinely hope that you get a chance to slow down this season, and appreciate either the gifts of 2015 or the promises of 2016. Whether you celebrate or not, this is the perfect time of year for reflection and refreshing - and you can bet that you’ll find us doing both.

All of us at Anchour would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to each and every client, family member, significant other, friend, and everyone in between - this year could not have been so amazing without all of you.

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