Anchour | Branding firm in Windham Maine
Anchour | Branding firm in Windham Maine
Anchour | Branding firm in Windham Maine
Anchour | Branding firm in Windham Maine
Every brand has a story.
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Our team builds great brands and experiences.

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What are we?

Anchour is a branding agency based in Maine.

We weave together creative solutions to build personal brands and experiences. We work closely with your brand to understand your needs and create solutions that produce real results. By integrating the power of identity, digital, and sensory design, we bring new life to brands everywhere.

We help brands grow.

Being Human | Anchour
Being Human
Behaving like a person comes naturally to (most) individuals, but when it comes to businesses and brands, shedding the corporate tone can be daunting. Welcome to the centerpiece of our discussions for the last few weeks - humanizing brand voices.
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Simply the best image compression for web. | Anchour
Simply the best image compression for web
Over the past three years, we’ve come up with a bullet-proof image compression process for web that doesn’t compromise on quality. That means beautiful full-screen banner images at 200KB.
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Spotlight: Amanda Brill | Anchour
Spotlight: Amanda Brill
Amanda Brill is a Designer at Anchour. Fueled by the purpose of helping others, she works to bring the identity of a brand to life through a creative and intensive design process. Her goal is to use design as a way to help brands effectively communicate who they …
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Spotlight: Matt Robitaille | Anchour
Spotlight: Matt Robitaille
Matt Robitaille is Director of Web at Anchour. He is responsible for creating the online face for businesses, ensuring that visitors are left with a positive, responsive and informative experience. Quality, professionalism, and atmosphere are all crucial to …
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