Being Human

We live in a weird time. Granted, we at Anchour unanimously prefer to live in 2015 than in, say, 1315 (we would be poorly suited to serfdom, lets be real), but still - our smartphones have launched us into what is practically another universe of social interaction and connectedness. Just think for a minute about what life was like twenty years ago. Unless you were super fancy, whenever you got in your car no one could call you.

"We want our clients to walk away from meetings feeling confident that we share their passion for accomplishing their goals."

That is so not our reality today. We’ve been given the ability (and we’ve taken it) to broadcast the details of our lives on social media. We can communicate on more platforms than ever, and yet - one of the biggest complaints we hear is that our society is devaluing the human connection. Regardless of how many ways we can be present online, we still feel strongly about maintaining real, human connections in our everyday lives. And why shouldn’t we? There are few worse things than feeling like just another face in the crowd.

We’re not just talking about having your cashier make eye contact when they hand you your receipt. Recently, our design team read an article that sparked a conversation about the way we communicate as a business.

We came out of the discussion feeling renewed with fresh vision for the future, and so we thought we’d share a couple of points about how we at Anchour manage being human.

First: Our relationships are important to us.

One of our foundational values is to build genuine relationships with and be a genuine help to the people we encounter, so whether it’s a simple email exchange or a quick meeting, we want our clients to know that we care. We want our clients to walk away from our meetings feeling confident that we share their passion for accomplishing their goals and that we’ll do whatever it takes to make it all happen.

Second: We turn a critical eye inward.

Anchour is a multi-layered branding and production company - our job is to help bring other people’s work and businesses to life. At the end of the day, we have a brand and an image that needs cultivating as much as that of our clients. Due in part to the Lippincott article, we’re currently re-evaluating the way we communicate online - do we sound like the people we are in everyday life?

There’s a temptation to play it safe by keeping “humanity” at arms’ length, and we want to avoid that. We don’t believe there’s a need to distract people from the fact that we’re a business made up of of human beings who probably share their frustration with traffic, the weather, or the shortage of croissants at Starbucks this morning. Above all, we want people to feel comfortable talking to us, asking us for help, and trusting us with their business. Being genuine - being human - in every way we can is our biggest tool in accomplishing this goal.

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