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PeoplesChoice cards design

PeoplesChoice Credit Union

Rebranding a trusted choice

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, PeoplesChoice Credit Union found itself at a crossroads. While established as a trusted financial institution, PeoplesChoice recognized the need to adapt and differentiate itself in a market inundated with options. The credit union was not content with merely surviving; they aspired to thrive and continue serving its diverse membership base effectively. This led to a critical decision – a rebranding initiative aimed at propelling PeoplesChoice into the future while preserving the loyalty and engagement of its existing members.


Services Provided

For the people

To revitalize the PeoplesChoice brand and digital experience, we collaborated on a thoughtful brand launch roadmap that included a meticulously planned rollout process, an engaging brand video to communicate the essence of the new PeoplesChoice, a website launch, and an extensive array of internal and external communications. From the renewal of onsite signage and credit card designs to the transformation of all digital assets, every detail was considered in our journey to make PeoplesChoice a vibrant and enduring choice in the financial services landscape.

Making it human

With a supportive, personalized, human approach, PeoplesChoice guides members to a better, empowering financial future. Messaging would reflect that warm, confident, and sincere POV while providing clear information and resources. The idea of “working together to come up with creative solutions” inspired the graphic language for the brand. Swooping, overlapping lines represent support and guidance while tying into the idea of a member’s journey.

The future is bright

The comprehensive rebranding initiative has not only reshaped the PeoplesChoice identity but also delivered remarkable results in terms of asset growth. The institution’s commitment to a modern, engaging visual identity attracted new members while invigorating the experience for existing ones. This transformation, backed by a dedication to personalized, human-centric financial services, has led to a significant increase in assets. 

Let's work together.