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Earnest approached Anchour for creative support as they expanded their student loan origination offerings. Through our collaborative partnership, we’ve strengthened their brand, increased awareness, and enabled them to reach a broader audience. We positioned Earnest as a leader in the private student loan world while ensuring their services feel approachable and accessible to all.


Services Provided

Elevating a voice of reason

When Earnest approached us, they already had a strong and established brand identity in place. Our orchestrated digital campaigns amplified their existing voice and increased engagement across digital channels. We leveraged various design elements to achieve this, including an illustration and animation library designed to capture and keep attention. To drive awareness and conversion to Earnest’s platform, we recognized the importance of transitioning away from static creative alone and made animation a central part of our strategy.

Making a great thing better

We refined existing illustrations, explored more vibrant color palettes, and updated image and styling options to align with the brand’s evolving visual identity. In addition to graphics and animations, we produced a video campaign featuring customer testimonials that leveraged UGC for use on social media.

More awareness, less anxiety

By elevating the creative quality in Earnest’s assets, we helped them procure more students and cosigners than ever. Application rates rose by an impressive 250%, and we extended Earnest’s creative territories on several channels. Our partnership helped Earnest extend their impact and established them as a leader in the private student loan industry.

250%increase in applications

No. 1Number one student loan refinancer in the country

Let's work together.