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Dirigo Federal Credit Union

Dirigo Federal Credit Union

Leading the way to a brighter financial future

How do you bring awareness to the advantages of a local, legacy credit union in a crowded, competitive banking market? Anchour partnered with Dirigo FCU to find a solution through a complete brand overhaul, including a rename, redesign, reposition, and marketing. Our focus was to champion a modern aesthetic, an approachable voice, and a member-centric digital experience that would set Dirigo apart from their competitors. Spoiler alert: it worked.


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40%Growth in assets in four years

3.5xIncrease in monthly online membership applications

72%Increase in organic search traffic

5.9MAdditional impressions from new digital campaigns

Rethink and restructure

Ensuring a brighter and more profitable future meant departing from the past, and our creative team was more than up for the challenge. We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding exercise that modified everything from the brand name to the color palette, aiming to completely re-envision how the credit union presented themselves to members and the wider Maine community. The result was the birth of “Dirigo FCU,” a modern, forward-looking brand that exuded strength and confidence.

“Thanks to Anchour, marketing is one thing we never have to worry about here at Dirigo. The rebrand and campaigns generated overnight results, and the strategic direction they provide continues to elevate our credit union. I can’t thank them enough.”

– Chief Business Officer, Dirigo FCU

Modern solutions for modern members

We not only reimagined the brand name, design system, and messaging but also implemented a range of strategic changes to drive greater accessibility and support for members. We created a more accessible and user-friendly digital experience to drive online engagement and member support and reallocated the credit union’s marketing funds to maximize their commercial impact and reach a wider audience.

Big change = big results

The modernized rebrand had an immediate and significant impact, resulting in a surge in website traffic, membership applications, and asset growth for Dirigo FCU. With our continued strategic marketing guidance and support, as their credit union marketing agency, Dirigo has continued to cement its position as a leading regional credit union in Maine.

Let's work together.