Spotlight: Jonathan Gilbert

Welcome to the Anchour Spotlight series, where we interview the people behind our company and who are dedicated to telling the stories of businesses around the world.

Tell us a little about yourself.

JG: I’m 26-years-old and from Jay — a small mill town in central Maine. I’m very passionate about my roots and where I come from. When I was younger, my parents bought me a Sony Handycam for Christmas. I started shooting short films with my two best friends, then it really became a passion of mine. I invested a lot of time and energy into it. My high school didn’t have a program, so I was essentially self-taught at first. After high school, I studied Video & Audio Production at Southern Maine Community College and I also am an Apple Certified Pro in Final Cut Pro X — Level 2.

What’s the best part of your job?

JG: Doing what I love. It has always been a dream of mine.

What’s the worst part of your job?

JG: Housekeeping at the office gets old. We’re a startup, so we do everything — even clean the toilets.

“I’m passionate about film, but it’s hard work.”

Tell us a little about your gear.

JG: My “A” camera is a Sony FS7, then I use a Sony a7S as my “B” camera. For lighting, we use Kino Flo and ARRI kits with numerous stands. Additionally, we have hand-held rigs and equipment for crane and dolly shots.

I edit everything on my 2013 MacBook Pro with a Retina display — and then back-up / store it all on CalDigit RAID external drives. Software-wise, Final Cut Pro X for editing and DaVinci Resolve for color correction. Anchour also has a dedicated audio team who I work with directly.

Who inspires you?

JG: Steven Spielberg.

Choose one of your projects that defines your career thus far.

JG: I don’t think there’s one project that really defines my career because I’m continually learning, but the one film I’m most proud of is the the WR Custom Guitars video that we recently shot. It encompasses my two loves: guitar and film.

What’s the biggest misconception people may have about your job or working at Anchour?

JG: People may have the perception that working here is a party. I love my job. I’m passionate about film, but it’s hard work. We all put the time in here and we’re dedicated.

Where do you see Anchour in 5 years?

JG: I envision Anchour moving forward into the greater New England area and beyond. I see us working with clients from many different business levels — making sure they have their voices heard.

So I hear you make ice cream.

JG: Yes, the rumors are true, I do make ice cream! Victoria — our Director of Design is also from Vermont — said it’s better than Ben & Jerry’s, so it has to be pretty good. Chocolate Heath Bar is my best flavor so far.

Any tips or advice you would like to share?

JG: Read a lot, learn a lot, and pursue your passion. Get out of your comfort zone and just work hard every single day.

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