Anchour Music: Vol 1

By the time you read this, our new website should be live and kicking - we wanted to inaugurate it with a new blog post. Today we’re launching a series of playlists curated by different people on staff at Anchour!

Musically, things at Anchour are a bit...eccentric. On one side of the office, you have the Professionals: the world class sound engineers, producers, and musicians of Anchour Studio. On the other side of the wall, you have the rest of us huddled around one laptop, freaking out over the new Justin Bieber.

Regardless - we’re almost always listening to music around here. Our headphones are prized possessions, ensuring that when “What Do You Mean” is rounding its 100th loop in the office, we can escape to our own playlists.

For our first playlist, the vibe is moody, dramatic, and highly produced - just like its curator*. The weather outside is cold, everything has turned brown and orange, and snow is still a long way off (we hope). This playlist will break up the monotony of the commute home and add some beauty and emotion back into the dreariness - at least, that’s the goal.

We hope you enjoy this first foray - make sure to follow us on Spotify to see what else we’re listening to!

* This is only partially a joke

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